"We don't exist unless there is someone who can see us existing, what we say has no meaning until someone can understand, to be surrounded by friends is constantly to have our identity confirmed."


Reblogged from Ashly I found out about this on Tumblr because a warning went up about the site in question stealing images from Deviant Art accounts. …
Rhianna Jun 19, 2014 Originally by newageamazon
People II The Reckoning Andrew Jackson Jihad covervid

People II The Reckoning (Andrew Jackson Jihad cover)

In case you haven't heard, I can kinda play ukulele now!
Rhianna Apr 15, 2014

Taking Back Sunday and The Used Concert Review

Last Friday night, on April 4th, four bands commanded the attention of the entire Eagles Ballroom. While MSI was playing downstairs, another tour took hold…
Rhianna Apr 07, 2014

My Month in Pictures - January 2014

Hey Buzznet! January has been fun. I've done quite a lot of cool stuff including hanging out with the boyfriend, going to Boston, and getting a…
Rhianna Feb 01, 2014

My Week in Boston with Claire!

Hey Buzznet! As some of you know, I went to Boston from Tuesday to Friday last week! It was cold but I had a lot of…
Rhianna Jan 27, 2014

Best of 2013

Hey Buzznet! I know I'm a little late but since I'm bored at work, I figured I could post my top movies and music of the…
Rhianna Jan 04, 2014

My Month in Pictures - December 2013

Hey Buzznet! December has been an awesome month. I finished up my semester, partied a few times, and hung out with Brad pretty constantly. I got…
Rhianna Jan 02, 2014

Best Photos of 2013

Hey Buzznet! It's the end of another great year! I didn't take as many photos as I have in past years, but I did end up…
Rhianna Dec 31, 2013

My Month in Pictures - November 2013

Hey Buzznet! It's been a crazy month, lots of friends, school, and yes, boyfriend! I have, as usual, been busy busy busy! Here's some photos of…
Rhianna Dec 03, 2013

My Month in Pictures - October 2013

Hey Buzznet! Work was the only thing I was late for this morning (by 5 hours, my alarm didn't go off, yikes!) but I'm also a…
Rhianna Nov 02, 2013

My Month In Pictures - September 2013

September has been an awesome month, and it's gone by so fast! I started my third semester at Parkside (eighth over all, I think) and like…
Rhianna Sep 30, 2013

My Month in Pictures - August 2013

Hey Buzznet! It's August and the end of my summer vacation. I swear, going back to school will be a break compared to how much I've…
Rhianna Aug 31, 2013
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Hi, I'm Rhianna! I'm currently in school for sociology, philosophy, and museum studies. I've been into photography since 2005, and I love going to shows, reading good books, and hanging out with my friends.


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Almost Famous, Beetlejuice, Big Fish, Donnie Darko, Easy A, Fight Club, Heathers, Hot Rod, Into The Wild, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Little Miss Sunshine, Superbad, Teeth, The Chumbscrubber, The Life Aquatic, The Lion King, The Royal Tenenbaums

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Adventure Time, American Horror Story, Americas Next Top Model, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Conan, Futurama, Law and Order SVU, Party Down, Regular Show, Roseanne, The IT Crowd, The Simpsons, The X-Files, Twilight Zone

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Chuck Klosterman, Chuck Palanhiuk, Helter Skelter, Nick Hornby, Picture of Dorian Gray, Pop Culture and Philosophy series, The God Delusion, The Perks of Being a Wallflower